Feeds & Tags Overview

The Feed is where work is viewed and reviewed within the platform.

Video Walkthrough of Feeds - (2:40)

There are three key Feeds: 1. Activity Feed, 2. Project Feeds and 3. Profile Feeds

Components of a Feed info card:

  1. Name of Original Poster - click on the person’s profile image to go directly to their profile page. 
  2. Post Location - displayed as a Project Name, Profile or Studio post. Click the name to be taken to the appropriate Feed. 
  3. Post Description - text description from the original poster. 
  4. The first image/video in a post
  5. When multiple items are submitted you can see smaller thumbnails here. Click any thumbnail to be taken into a larger view. 
  6. Comment Count - Click this to be taken into a larger view of the work. 
  7. Click here to add a comment.


*If you’d like new tags created for your project please contact your Team Lead or Studio Admin.


Posting to a Feed

When you click “Post” from a Feed area you are presented with different options. Let’s review each option below.


  1. Embed media - You can embed Vimeo, YouTube, SoundCloud and Sketchfab content into your post. Simply Copy/Paste the URL. 
  2. Media Uploader - You can add several images and videos to a single post.
  3. Post Comment - Add your post comment and format your text. 
  4. Post To - This is the location you want your post to go to. This will automatically be selected for you.
  5. Visible To - This will be populated by default with either Team Only or Entire studio depending on the type of post you are making.
  6. Tags - You can add tags here. After you post you can edit/add new tags by clicking the posted item and editing the tags via the post modal - see image below. 



  1. Post or Cancel - Post your Feed item or Cancel the action.



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