Film, commercials & visual effects pipeline breakdown


1. Production Pipeline: Overview

Topic: This video outlines the high level overview of our entire film, commercials and visual effects production pipeline from master layout to individual shot creation.


2. Texture Ready Process: Overview

Topic: This video outlines the process of switching a model from using in-progress/lowres textures to a final published asset.


3. Texture Ready Process: Walkthrough

Topic: This video is a step-by-step demo of how to switch an asset to use the "published" set of textures, instead of the "in progress" version quickly by using a text editor’s find and replace feature.


4. Render Ready Process: Overview

Topic: We define Render Ready as the process by which you have two versions of an asset: one for animation, and one for lighting and rendering. Having these two versions keeps the animation version nice and light to work with for animators. This video outlines the workflow for that process.


5. Lighting Assembly Process: Overview

Topic: The assembly process is a workflow by which you do a "clean up pass" on an animator’s shot to ensure lighter’s have a clean file to work with. This process utilizes Alembic geo caching. In this first video we look at the overall assembly process and workflow.


6. Lighting Assembly Process: Walkthrough Part 1 - Export Shader Network

Topic: The assembly workflow we’ve outlined requires that the shader network for each asset be exported, to be used later down the line. This video steps you through that process using Maya. If using this workflow, it is recommended that the surfacing artist be tasked with the creation of this file once all shaders have been finaled.


7. Lighting Assembly Process: Walkthrough Part 2 - Export Geo Cache

Topic: In this video we walk through the process of exporting alembic cache files for each asset within an animated shot.


8. Lighting Assembly Process: Walkthrough Part 3 - Geo Cache Surface Assignment

Topic: The alembic export loses all shader assignments. In this step we re-assign the shaders that were generated in part 1.


9. Lighting Assembly Process: Walkthrough Part 4 - Lighting Assembly

Topic: In this video we bring all cleaned up assets into the shot's lighting file. We reference the geo surface files we generated in part 3.


10. Lighting Assembly Process: Walkthrough Part 5 - Fix Animation

Topic: This video outlines how to handle and manage animation fixes after a shot has gone into lighting.



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