Tips for Creators

Creators are people who start and run projects through Artella. 

Here are some helpful tips we've found when working with creative distributed teams.

1. Only bring people on when you are ready for them. It is important to prep an area of production before inviting/asking others to join your project. You only have a limited window of “excitement and passion” from most, so having them first see what they are going to be working on (i.e. boards for previs, previs for animators, animation for lighting, lighting for comp, etc.) then bring them in. You will need help to prep and vet those areas so that they are indeed ready for the next group. Again, getting people involved too early is a sure sign they will fade quickly. Keep this in mind when ramping up.

2. Define the scale of your world. Artella assets are built to real world scale in centimeters. Use a dummy character built of cubes so that your modelers can use this for scale when building assets. Once you have more fleshed out assets you can use a real character or prop for scale when in modeling to cross check the appropriate size of the asset.

3. We highly recommend "blessing" your models. This typically means the surface artists and rigger need to check the the UV mapping and topology of your mesh to ensure it has what it needs for both skinning and texturing. It is always a sure waste of time when someone has to go back to add more spans to the mesh/model which causes both the rigger and surface artist to have to redo work.

4. Choose the version of the software packages (and service pack) you are going to be using and enforce that everyone on your project follows these guidelines. It is very easy for this to cause issues in your production so picking and sticking with a particular software version for the duration of your project is an industry best practice to be enforced on all projects.


5. Keep your files inside the pipeline. When you work outside of the system things can go awry quick for everyone else. Following the workflows provided (see below) is essential for maximizing your team’s velocity and end product.


6. Meet with your team/s at least once weekly via video conferencing. This helps keep the team connected, helps you check in on deliverables and enjoy some laughs together.


We wrote this blog article which goes into more detail on these issues and more. 

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