My Profile

Your Profile page is your calling card. This is what other people see when you apply to projects and where they make their first assessment. Here's a run down of the major areas:


1. Profile Image - Add an image of yourself so people can get an idea of who's work they are viewing. 

2. Demo Reel - if you have a demo reel you can post it here via a YouTube or Vimeo link. 

3. Cover image - this is what is displayed on your Discover > People info card. It should be something that represents your work and catches people's eye. 

4. Details - click on the detail to change them. Skills are tag based. If you are looking for something that is not listed you can submit a support request and we'll be happy to add the skill tag. 

5. Work availability - Set your work availability to Available or Not available. If you are available this gives people the ability to invite you to their project. 

6. Portfolio - Upload images or movie clips that represent pieces of work you are satisfied with. In progress work for feedback can be posted either on your Feed or on the Activity Feed. Work your post in the Activity Feed will also show up in your Profile Feed. 

7. Projects - Projects you are on or have created are listed here. Draft projects are also displayed here, too. 




Your About page is where you can put more information about yourself and your work history. 


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