Feeds and Activity

How Feeds work in Artella

There are 3 Feed areas in Artella. Here's how they work.

1. Your profile Feed: Your Profile Feed also acts as your personal timeline of any non-project Feed posts you make throughout the site. You can post here and people who follow you will see this in their Activity Feed. DO NOT post private project work in your Profile Feed as it will be viewable by the entire community. 

2. Activity Feed: Shows posts from people you are following and projects you are on. If you post to the Activity Feed it will also show up on your Profile Feed. DO NOT post private project work in the Activity Feed as it will be viewable by the entire community. 

3. Project Feed: Work posted here is only viewable by Crew members of the project. This is where you post project work to be reviewed by your team. 




Activity acts as a global feed that shows you posts from people you are following or projects you are on. By default everyone follows Artella as this allows us to share important updates with the community.

Activity is a great place to stay inspired and connected at-a-glance and serves as the home page once you are logged in. To maximize your Activity be sure to follow People and/or join Projects


Post to Feed

1. Click the, "Post to Feed" button to access the Feed modal. 

2. Add an image, video or text to your post and click "Post." You can drag and drop an image or video onto the upload target (dark box) or click "Upload from computer" to browse to the file you would like to attach with your post. 

When you post something to the Activity feed it is also posted on your Profile feed. In fact, all posts you make are displayed on your Profile feed. If you're on a Project, only people on that project can see those feed posts. 


Viewing a Feed post


1. Feed posts are displayed in cards like the image below. 
2. You can click to view the post larger. This also accesses the Review Tools (currently only enabled for images). 
3. Click, "Add a comment" to type in feedback or input on the post. 
4. Click the comment counter to view all comments (this opens up the post larger).
5. Click the ellipsis on posts you have made to edit or delete them. 
6. Click the ellipsis on posts that are someone else's and get the option to, "Flag as offensive" (not yet available). 
7. Click on the posters name or profile image to be taken to their profile page. 
8. Click on the location and be taken there; in this case, "Project: Thistle One". 

Refreshing the Activity feed


1. Clicking the "Refresh Feed" button will refresh the page and display any new posts that have been added since you last loaded the Activity page. 
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    Joël Gibbs

    Are there any notifications for project feed postings? or do you just have to logon to to check out the feed?