What is Artella?


Artella is the platform for making animated films, commercials, video games and virtual reality content collaboratively. So long as you have an internet connection you can be part of a growing community of creatives bringing their diverse skill sets together to make incredible animated content.  


There are three main ways of using Artella.

1. As an individual: Showcase your creative work, follow other artists that inspire you or give and get feedback with our integrated review tools.
2. As a creator - start a personal or professional animated project and manage your team, files and reviews directly through the platform using your favorite creative desktop software.
3. As a contributor - apply to projects that match your skill set and that interest you, then work directly with others all over the world to bring animated content to life. 


How to get the most out of Artella.

  • Respect the community and be supportive of other people's projects and portfolio work. 
  • Artella is open to artists of all skill levels and skill sets.
  • Follow other creatives that inspire you. This will make the site more fun and engaging as your Activity Feed will show the work from everyone you are following and any updates they post.  
  • Once you are on a project use your Project Feed to post updates (images, news and videos) to keep your team up to speed on all things happening on your project. Project Feeds are private and only viewable to crew members of a given project. 
  • Payments and contracts are handled by the creator to the contributors. If you are being paid to work on a project be sure to get a statement of work (SOW) contract from the creator.
  • If you are experiencing technical issues or have feature requests you can submit a support request. We'll track bugs and feature requests and will post updates via the activity feed. You can always access Support under your profile, too.


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