Windows: Managing the Artella App

Quick tips to operate the Artella app.


The Artella app can be found in the System Tray and Start Menu of your PC.

System Tray


Start Menu



Mousing over the icon in the System Tray, will display the Artella app version you are currently running.



When new updates are published, the Artella app will update automatically.

If you have an active connection to the "Files" area in your browser, the Artella app will hold the app update so as not to interrupt any in-progress file transfers. The app will show red anytime it has a pending update. 

In order to receive pending updates, select "Check for Updates" from the System Tray or navigate away from the "Files" area in your browser.



Should you need to stop or reset the Artella app, select "Quit" from the System Tray menu.

You will no longer have access to the "Files" area of Artella and the app download page will display.



In order to restart the app, select "Launch Artella" from the Start Menu.

By default, the Artella app is configured to run at login.

Toggle that on or off by selecting "Launch at Login" from the System Tray.




To remove the Artella app from your system, select "Uninstall Artella" from the Start Menu.



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