Windows: Detailed Installation Steps

Step 1: Download:

  • Navigate to the "Files" area
  • Artella will present you with a Windows download button
  • Click Download


Step 2: Select the Installer from your browser's downloads area:




Step 3: Run the installer

 Step 4: Follow the Setup Wizard

  • You will need 10MB of free disk space
  • By default, Artella will:
      • Install in your C:\Program Files\Artella directory
      • Add "Artella" to your Start Menu
      • Be configured to Start at Login for the current user

Step 5: Verify Artella App in System Tray

  • Upon completion of the installation, the Artella app will appear in your System Tray.


Once you have the Artella App installed, head to here in order to continue configuring your app.


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